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Double-direction Thrust Ball Bearing

Double-direction Thrust Ball Bearing

52202--52218, 52220, 52222, 52305--52318,52320, 52322, 52324, 52405--52418, 52420, 52422, 52426.

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If you are going to import double-direction thrust ball bearing in stock or you want to check the price with one China double-direction thrust ball bearing manufacturer, supplier and factory, please feel free to contact Weinuo Machinery.

In double-direction thrust ball bearings, there are three rings with the middle one (center ring)

being fixed to the shaft. There are also thrust ball bearings with an aligning seat washer beneath the housing washer in order to compensate for shaft misalignment or mounting error.

1. HTH TYPE, with Flat Seat. 

double direction thrust ball bearings.jpg                                                

2. SERIES: 522/523/524. 

3. CAGE: Pressed steel cage/Machined brass cage.     

4. INTERNAL CLERANCE: Standard clearance or customized clearance. 


Chrome Steel

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
JISSUJ20.95~1.100.15~0.350.50 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
ASTM/AISI/SAEE521000.98~1.100.15~0.350.25~0.450.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
GBGCr150.95~1.050.15~0.350.20~0.400.027 MAX0.020 MAX1.30~1.65-

Stainless Steel

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
ASTM/AISI/SAE4200.15 MIN1.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.04 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-
GB2Cr130.16~0.251.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.03 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-

6. Packing: single box packing as other HTH bearing or industrial packing.

7Laser Marking.

If you need any assistance in finding the proper bearing, please get in touch us and a member of our team member will work for you to fulfil your requirements as quickly as possible. E mail :  tang@fycbearings.com

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