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UCFC200 bearing unit

UCFC200 bearing unit

UCFC200 Series: UCFC201-8, UCFC202-10, UCFC204, UCFC204-12; UCFC209, UCFC209-26, UCFC209-27, UCFC209-28; UCFC211, UCFC211-32, UCFC211-34, UCFC211-35; UCFC212, UCFC212-36, UCFC212-38, UCFC212-39.

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Set Screw Locking Piloted Flange Cartridge Unit, UCFC200 Series.

1. Material : 

Cast iron: Blue, Green, Gray.2. Housing color:

Plastic housing : White, Green, Black

3. Application: Mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, conveying machinery, etc.

4. Our HTH pillow block.

a)      Inserts : chrome steel inserts are machined by auto CNC machine line, auto control of the clearance , tolerance and noise

b)      Radial clearance data sheet : 

Bore dia.   D(mm) Measuring loadRadial   cleaerance correction
    amount ( μm)

d)    Housing : standard moulds and standard weight .Manufactured by CNC machine to secure the hole position and other important size. c)    Inserts type : SUCP200, SCUF200, SUCFL200, SUCT200, SUCFA200, SUCFB200, SSKFL1000 etc…

5. Packing: each pillow block packed in single plastic bag then in single box ,next in carton , inside each carton we put one big plastic bag , so all paper box will be inside this plastic bag and prevented from water in case of heavy rain. finally all Cartons will be packed and bubbled in solid pallet. 

If you need any assistance in finding the right bearings, please get in touch and a member of our team will work with you to fulfil your requirements as quickly as possible. tang@fycbearings.com 

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