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3200 Series Bearing

3200 Series Bearing

3200 series: 3200, 3201, 3202, 3203...3222.

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If you are going to import 3200 series bearing in stock or you want to check the price with one China 3200 series bearing manufacturer, supplier and factory, please feel free to contact Weinuo Machinery.

Angular contact ball bearings high speed limits, are able to support through the load and axial load can withstand pure axial load, axial load capacity of its decision by the contact angle, and with the contact angle increases.

1. Precision

Current precision :  P0,  P6.

Noise level :   Z1 or above as per buyer’s request 

2. Contact angle :  30°

3. Cage types for  angular conatact ball bearings- double row (3200B – 3300 B)


4. Application

Double Row Angular Contact ball bearings have two rows of balls arranged back-to-back. The lines of action of the load at the contact between balls and raceways (load lines) diverge at the bearing axis and form an angle of 30° to the radial plane.

In essence, they work similarly to having a matched pair of Single Row Angular Contact ball bearings either face-to-face or back-to-back. The difference is that Double Row Angular Contact ball bearings can take a bi-directional axial load in one bearing where it takes a matched pair otherwise. This means the bearings are particularly suitable for accommodating simultaneously acting radial load and axial load in both directions.

They are also available with seals or shields.

5. Material 

Careful selection of material is a factor when applications require bearings to provide superior hardness and anti-corrosion or heat-resistance. So we always choose standard materials.

Chrome Steel:

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
JISSUJ20.95~1.100.15~0.350.50 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
ASTM/AISI/SAEE521000.98~1.100.15~0.350.25~0.450.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
GBGCr150.95~1.050.15~0.350.20~0.400.027 MAX0.020 MAX1.30~1.65-

Stainless Steel

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
ASTM/AISI/SAE4200.15 MIN1.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.04 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-
GB2Cr130.16~0.251.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.03 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-

6. How  HTH to make  heat Treatment for bearings

Heat-treatments consisted of preheating samples at 843 C (1550 F) using a Sybron Thermolyne 30400 furnace, and then austenitizing samples in a Keith furnace at temperatures of 843-1215 C (1550-2220 F); immediately followed by warm high-speed oil quenching at 48.9 C (120 F). Pre-heating was done to ramp the temperature of the samples prior to austenitizing and to prevent thermal shock. 

One heat treatment per steel was carried out with cryogenic quenching at -48.9 C (-120 F) immediately after oil quenching to increase the formation of marten site. The cryogenic quench was prepared by submerging dry ice into ethanol. 

The final step was tempering, it was conducted at temperatures ranging from 135 to 537 C (275-1000 F). 

More information please contact us: tang@fycbearings.com 

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