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RAX700 Series Combined Needle Roller Bearings & Applications


RAX700 Series Combined Needle Bearings type  are designed to support simultaneously both a radial and an axial load.

They comprise a needle bearing (or thrust roller bearing) and needle cage retained in a common outer ring. These bearings form one integral unit permitting easy storage, handling and fitting. Their high radial and axial load capacities and small space requirement enable cost effective solutions to be achieved.

Calculations for combined bearings are carried out taking the axial component and the radial component separately without transforming the axial load into an equivalent radial load. The operation of the thrust bearing and the needle cage independent of one another precludes any interaction harmful to precise axial and radial rotation. Axial expansion of the shaft, for example, will have no effect on the accuracy of the radial component.

The bearings can be used without inner rings or thrust plates, if the shaft journals serving as raceways are of sufficient hardness and possess a suitable surface finish. The hardness of 58-64 HRC will ensure that the full capacity of these bearings is attained. Lower hardness figures will entail a reduction in the static and dynamic capacities (both axial and radial).


  • Drilling machine spindles
  • Centering shafts
  • Drill sleeves
  • Worms
  • CNC machine tools